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Yoad 2017

Recent Work
On Presupposition Projection with Trivalent Connectives. Y. Winter, Proc. of SALT 29. 2019.
Presupposition Projection and Repair Strategies in Trivalent Semantics. Y. Winter, Proc. of Mathematics of Language. 2019.
Selectional Restrictions and the Meaning of Reciprocal Alternations. Y. Winter, Proc. of IATL34, 2019.
A note on Reciprocity in Brazilian Portuguese. with G. Palmieri et al., Proc. of IATL34, 2019.
Lexical reciprocity vs. grammatical reciprocity: the case of Italian. with G. Palmieri et al., Proc. of NELS49 2019.
Partee's "Noun Phrase Interpretation and Type-Shifting Principles". Y. Winter, to appear in McNally et al. (eds.) A Reader's Guide to Classic Papers in Formal Semantics, Springer, 2019.

More papers
25.2.2020 Papers updated
Department of Languages, Literature & Communication
Utrecht Institute of Linguistics OTS
Utrecht University
Trans 10, 3512 JK Utrecht
The Netherlands
Flexibility Principles in Boolean Semantics, MIT Press, 2001      
Elements of Formal Semantics, Edinburgh University Press, 2016
Compositionality and Concepts in Linguistics and Psychology, Edited with J. A. Hampton, Springer 2017
In Front of Your Nose - Selected Essays by George Orwell, Hebrew translation, Dvir 2005
Flexibility Principles in Boolean Semantics  Elements of Formal Semantics  Compositionality and Concepts in Linguistics and Psychology   In Front of Your Nose   Za'atar - photo by Janet Abbas, 2017