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Department of Modern Languages
and Utrecht Institute of Linguistics OTS
Utrecht University
Trans 10, 3512 JK Utrecht
The Netherlands

Foundations  Semantics & Pragmatics
Communicatie in Trommeltalen
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Recent Talks & Papers:

Locating Sets     Semantic Annotation Optional Arguments
paper with Mador Haim paper with Toledo et al             paper with Blom, De Groote and Zwarts
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     Sabar: the drum language of Senegal and an Evening with Doudou Ndiaye Rose
Cognitive Science Masters in Utrecht: a new track within the Utrecht AI master program
Workshop on concept composition and experimental semantics/pragmatics
Drafts from a formal semantics textbook in preparation, to appear with Edinburgh University Press.

Research Interests:

Most of my research is in two domains within the study of human languages:

I - Formal Semantics: form and interpretation of language

Linguistic structures are systematically related to language use in actual communication. This is especially clear when we use language for making logical statements. When I tell you “most students in this room are vegetarian” I tell you something completely different than when I use the same words in the sentence “most vegetarians in this room are students”. In this example and many others the form of the sentence affects meaning, hence communication. Formal Semantics studies the workings of such meaning-form interactions.

In my dissertation (Utrecht University 1998) and subsequent book based on it (MIT Press 2001), I characterized operations that govern the interpretation of plural, indefinite and coordinate constructions. Further, I continued to work on the interface between meaning and form in these areas, as well as in the domains of adjectives, spatial expressions, anaphora and intensionality.

I am currently working on an introductory textbook on Formal Semantics. Here you can find some draft chapters.

II - Computational Linguistics: automatic representation and processing of linguistic knowledge

I have been active in research on information extraction, computational modeling of syntactic and semantic information, and human interaction with geographic information systems. Together with colleagues and students, I was involved in developing the first annotated Hebrew treebank and MorphTagger – a general platform for analyzing forms of Semitic languages. In Computational Semantics I also worked in the framework of `Natural Logic’ – a logic trying to model inference in language by operating directly on natural language forms.

For a list of downloadable talk slides and papers see link.

Teaching (old):

Conceptual Semantics
Computationele Grammatica's
Logic, Language and Cognition
Inleiding Taalkunde

Programming Languages (spring 2006)
Introduction to Natural Language Processing (spring 2006)
Systems for Treating Anaphora (fall 2005)
Computational Semantics for Natural Language (fall 2004)
Summer Schools etc.
Elements of Formal Semantics (LOT, spring 2009)
Elements of Compositional Semantics - course reader (ESSLLI, summer 2007)
Choice Functions and the Semantics of Indefinites (LOT, summer 2004)
Introduction to Vector Space Semantics (ESSLLI, summer 2001)
Topics in the Formal Semantics of the Noun Phrase (ESSLLI, summer 1999)
Modeltheoretic Semantics and the Syntax-Semantics Interface (Utrecht U., fall 1997)

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Flexibility Principles in Boolean Semantics
MIT Press 2001
  Table of Contents and Preface
  MIT Press display
In Front of Your Nose - Selected Essays by George Orwell, Hebrew translation Dvir 2005
  Hebrew webpage
  English webpage