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Rob van Gerwen

February 12, 2018

How to News? Begrippen
Rob van Gerwen, Ph.D.

Capita Selecta Philosophy of Art

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First: make a print

Before anything else, make a print of this page.
As literature courses are an ongoing affair, changes to them will, also, be made continuously.
As a result, you may be working on the basis of a course description that, recently, became obsolete. Whenever the website description changes there is no way for you to retrieve the older version that you used when enlisting.
Hence my advice: make a print at the very moment that you decide to enlist.

Institute Department of Philosophy
Credit Points 7,5 ECTS
Osiris Code Upon completion (contact the teacher)
Level WB2BL0001, WB3BL0001, WBMV06001
Prerequisites Either Ingang in de filosofie van de kunsten (WY2V14023) or Het Schone: filosofie van de kunsten (esthetica) (WY2V14017), or an adequate alternative.
Period Any period, assuming that the dates for start and finish of the course are agreed upon beforehand.
Language Dutch or English
Richard Wollheim

Richard Wollheim

Content In the relatively recent history of aesthetics, and paricularly in the late twentieth century, serious and complex monographs were written that not only deal with intricate issues to do with aesthetics and the philosophy of art, but which have also had a major impact on the development of the field. In this course you pick one such major work, and write several (relative to the level of choice) papers about it, including relevant debates in the journals about the work, to be established in agreement with the teacher.
Examination Examination takes place through regular meetings with the teacher regarding the student's writings:
2: two papers of approx. 3000 words;
3: one 3000-words paper, and a larger, 4000 words, synthesizing final paper;
M: two papers of approx. 2500 words, and a larger, 4000 words, synthesizing final paper;
The student is supposed to study a number of chapters and submit a proposal for a paper about the argument in them. Also, before heading on with the next paper contact is required with the teacher.
Compulsory texts: The basic literature for this course is a contemporary classic text in aesthetics. Next to this book, level-2 students read 3 extra articles, chosen after consulting with the teacher. Level-3 students add in total 6 articles; Master-level students add in total 8 articles;
Preferably one of these books:

Gombrich, Ernst H. 1982. The image and the eye: further studies in the psychology of pictorial representation. Oxford: Phaidon. Goodman, Nelson. 1985. Languages of Art. Indianapolis: Hackett Publishing Company. Wollheim, Richard. 1980. Art and its Objects. Second edition. Cambridge, New York: Cambridge University Press. Wollheim, Richard. 1993. The Mind and its Depths. Cambridge (Mass.), London (England): Harvard University Press. Wollheim, Richard. 1988. Painting as an Art. Princeton / London: Princeton University Press / Thames and Hudson. Additional papers can often be downloaded via Omega (through the University Library, UBU). This is done best from a location at the UU, or via this link from any other location. (You shall need a 'PDF-reader', such as Adobe's Acrobat Reader. Available as free download.)


Contact To enlist, apply with the teacher: rob.vangerwen AT uu.nl