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Rob van Gerwen

February 13, 2024

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A selection of my output

Through this index you should be able to download a selection of the texts I published.
To read texts that are in Portable Document Format (PDF) you shall need a PDF-reader, such as Acrobat's: .
Use with care. This page is no longer actively supported. Check my bibliography for more up to date downloads.


» Kleine overpeinzingen. Kunst kijken in het museum. Centraal Museum Utrecht, 2003 (418 pp. with 29 colour reproductions), ISBN: 90 73285 933.
This book is sold out.

» Art and Experience.
Utrecht (221 pages.) With this dissertation I earned my Ph.D., with honours, on
10th October 1996, Utrecht University. (Table of Contents, summaries in Dutch and English, an hypertext version of the Glossary).
You want alll of it? You can download the bookPDF.

» Kennis in schoonheid. Een inleiding in de moderne esthetica.
Amsterdam, Meppel, 1992, Boom.
(255 pages, Paperback. In Dutch) (Knowledge in Beauty. An Introduction to Modern Aesthetics). (summary or Table of Contents). This book is sold out.


» Ethical Autonomism. The Work of Art as a Moral Agent. Contemporary Aesthetics, Vol. 2, 2004. PDF (114K)
» 'Television as an Art. On Humiliation-TV.' Ruth Lorand (ed.) Television: Aesthetic Reflections. New York: Peter Lang Publishing, 2002, 161-80. (Abstract) PDF (262K)
» 'De eigen ruimte van een kunstwerk', Jaarboek voor Esthetica, 2002. PDF
» 'Address or Intimation?' Address. Aesthetics and Ethics, Part II. Nederlands Genootschap voor Esthetica, Utrecht, February 2000. Jaarboek voor Esthetica 2001. Nederlands Genootschap voor Esthetica 2002. PDF
» 'Installaties: alledaags of artistiek?' Jaarboek voor Esthetica 2001. Nederlands Genootschap voor Esthetica 2001, 272-91. PDF
» 'Kunst: representatie of ritueel?' Jaarboek voor Esthetica 2001. Nederlands Genootschap voor Esthetica, 2001, 144-54. PDF
» 'On Exemplary Art as the Symbol of Morality. Making Sense of Kant's Ideal of Beauty.' In: Proceedings Kant Kongress, Berlin, 2000, 2001. PDF (115K)
» 'Hegel's Dialectics was Geared to Art. He Had No Business 'Ending' It.' Andreas Arndt, Karol Bal, und Henning Ottmann (Hsg.): Hegel-Jahrbuch 2000. Hegels Ästhetik. Die Kunst der Politik-Die Politik der Kunst, 68-74. Akademie Verlag. PDF (134K)
» 'Kant on What Pleases Directly in the Senses.' Issues in Contemporary Culture and Aesthetics, 9, 71-83, 1999. PDF (153K)
» Beleving op televisie. Over Verneder-tv. Vrijetijdsstudies, 15:2, 1997, 40-51. Volledige tekst (English or Dutch Summary.)
» Kant's Regulative Principle of Aesthetic Discourse: The Ideal Aesthetic Experience. Kant-Studien. 86 1995, pp. 331-345. PDF (216K) (Summary).
» "Kunst viert onze bestialiteit." Comfort / Discomfort, Stedelijk Museum 's-Hertogenbosch, 5 april 2007. PDF (243K)
» Onze kunsten en het beeldverbod. Domkerk. Bericht van de Stichting Vrienden van de Domkerk, 14e jaargang, nr.1, 2002, 3-8. PDF (57K)
» "De representatie van bewustzijn. De drie strategieën van kunst." Feit & fictie V:2, 2001, 65-81. PDF (306K)


» Michael Kelly (red.) Encyclopedia of Aesthetics. Oxford University Press, 1999. Jaarboek voor Esthetica 2001. Nederlands Genootschap voor Esthetica, 2001, 341-48. PDF
» Anthony Savile: Kantian Aesthetics Pursued. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.1993. Canadian Philosophical Reviews XIV (1994), No.2 (April 1994, pp. 130-133). Full Text
» Paul Crowther: Critical Aesthetics and Postmodernism. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1993. Canadian Philosophical Reviews XIII (1993), No. 6. (December 1993, pp. 295-300). Full Text
» Stephen Mulhall: On Being in the World. Wittgenstein and Heidegger on Seeing Aspects. Canadian Philosophical Reviews XI (1991), no. 5, p. 339-42. Full Text
» [Lambert Zuidervaart: Artistic Truth, Cambridge University Press, 2004.] The British Journal of Aesthetics, Vol. 46:2, April 2006, 217-19. Full text (36K) PDF
"De ontologische drogreden in de analytische esthetica" Algemeen Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Wijsbegeerte, 94, 2002:2, 109-123. PDF (152K)

Papers presented (Selection)

» 'Film en beeldende kunst in de museale ruimte', Hogeschool der Kunsten, Utrecht, 20 november 2003. PDF
» 'Multimedialiteit of fenomenologie?' Rotterdam, Jaarlijks symposium Nederlands Genootschap voor Esthetica, 9-10 oktober 1999. (Abstract)
» 'Art's Three Strategies.' "The Limits of Aesthetics", Nederlands Genootschap voor Esthetica, Leuven, 21-22 mei 1999. (Inleiding), (Introduction)
» 'Esthetische Ideeën en Morele Bezieling (Kant over Schoonheid).' Cycle 'Visies op Schoonheid', CREA, University of Amsterdam, November 1995. Full text
» 'Aesthetic Argument and Tertiary Qualities', Joint German-English conference on 'Aesthetic Judgement', Oxford, September, 1995. Full text (summary).
» 'Depiction and the Intimation of Experience', Joint Dutch-English conference, Oxford, September, 1994. Full text (Summary).
» 'The Aesthetic Experience as a Regulative Ideal. (A Grammar of Aesthetic Discourse)', Keynote paper. Annual meeting of WAM, NWO (Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research), Utrecht, January 1993. Volledige Tekst (In Dutch)