Modeltheoretic Semantics and the Syntax-Semantics Interface
Eddy Ruys and Yoad Winter

A course given at the Utrecht Institute of Linguistics OTS, fall 1997.

Monday 15-16: Achter de Dom 22-24, room 101
Wednesday 13-15: Janskerkhof, room 2.01
Note: The meeting of Wednesday 24/9 is moved to Tuesday 23/9, 13-15, at Janskerkhof 2.06.

Course description

Lecture notes:
1: Basic Notions of Modeltheoretic Semantics (postscript)
2: Types and Model Structure (postscript)
3: On Boolean Semantics (postscript)
4: Generalized Quantifiers 1 (handout) (postscript)
5: Generalized Quantifiers 2 (handout) (postscript)
6: Lambdas in syntax and semantics