November 20, 2017

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De bijeenkomsten

september 2017

12 september
Marie Gobel, chapter from her Phd.
15.30-17.00 (Stijlkamer Janskerkhof (0.06), JKH 13)

»  MarieGobelMoralPoliticalDebate.pdf (341K)

26 september
Book workshop Joel Anderson, Autonomy Gaps.
NB extended time: 14.30-17.00 (Stijlkamer Janskerkhof (0.06), JKH 13)

»  AndersonAutonomyGaps20170921.pdf (430K)

oktober 2017

10 oktober
Florian Bekkers, The Transformative Dialogue as the core of an alternative moral theory.
15.30-17.00 (Stijlkamer Janskerkhof (0.06), JKH 13)

How can moral conflicts be resolved in a just and stable way? Is it possible to develop a moral theory in which existing rival theories can find their place? The idea of this paper is to build this alternative moral theory on the notion of a 'transformative dialogue'. This is a dialogue in which dialogue partners come to new identifications of who they are. The paper clarifies the concept of a transformative dialogue, presents existing (institutional) practices, distinguishes the features of a moral theory on its basis and sketches the justification programme that is to be fulfilled in the next step of the theses.

»  BekkersFlorian171001AmoraltheorybasedonTheTransformativeDialogue.pdf (300K)

24 oktober
Rutger Claassen and others: NWO Free Competition Project 'Private Property & Political Power' project
15.30-17.00 (Stijlkamer Janskerkhof (0.06), JKH 13)

»  MacPherson, A Political Theory of Property.pdf (1.2M)

november 2017

14 november
Deryck Beyleveld & Marcus Düwell, paper on The Fact of Reason.
15.30-17.00 (Stijlkamer Janskerkhof (0.06), JKH 13)

This text has two parts. Part One is introductory. Here we attempt to provide some background in the form of general comments about Kant’s moral philosophy and some of the ways in which it has been interpreted. Part Two is an outline of our analysis of what Kant’s argument for the moral law/categorical imperative is, which we present in full in a much longer paper we are writing at the moment and hope to publish.

To facilitate discussion in the Colloquium, in addition to the text below, it would be helpful to read/re-read Book I, Chapter I “On the Principles of Pure Practical Reason”, Parts 1-7, and 5:42-50, plus Chapter III 5:89-94 and 5:105-106 of Critique of Practical Reason (in English, Dutch or German). We are aware that this is a lot of material and you don’t have much time but discussion will be easier if there is some familiarity with those chapters.

»  BeyleveldDuwellFactofReason.docx (69K)

28 november
Sem de Maagt: "How transcendental arguments can be used in applied ethics: an alternative to reflective equilibrium".
15.30-17.00 (Stijlkamer Janskerkhof (0.06), JKH 13)

Abstract: Although many people working in the more applied areas of ethics might be willing to admit that the method of reflective equilibrium is not a perfect method of moral justification, there is at the same time a widespread conviction that there simply is no practicable alternative. The aim of this paper is to show how one such an alternative, transcendental argumentation, could be put to work in applied areas of ethics. In this way, I hope to show that there is in fact an alternative, practicable method of moral justification in applied ethics.
»  SdMTranscendentalargumentsinappliedethicsnov2017.docx (90K)

december 2017

12 december
wie: wat
15.30-17.00 (Stijlkamer Janskerkhof (0.06), JKH 13)

januari 2018

9 januari
groep Annelien Bredenoord UMC: wat
15.30-17.00 (Stijlkamer Janskerkhof (0.06), JKH 13)

23 januari
Boekproject, Rob van Gerwen: Manifest (Dutch)
14.30-17.00 (Stijlkamer Janskerkhof (0.06), JKH 13) Langere sessie

februari 2018

13 februari
New research projects (2)
15.30-17.00 (Stijlkamer Janskerkhof (0.06), JKH 13)

Presentation of Ingrid Robeyns and her ERC Consolidator Grant team: the ‘Fair Limits’ project.

27 februari
Hanno Sauer: "The Argument from Agreement."
15.30-17.00 (Stijlkamer Janskerkhof (0.06), JKH 13)

The issue of moral disagreement has recently received increasing attention. I argue for two things: 1. That there isn’t any. 2 That this is bad, rather than good, news for moral realism.

maart 2018

13 maart
Jos Philips: wat
15.30-17.00 (Stijlkamer Janskerkhof (0.06), JKH 13)

27 maart
Methods in Philosophy part (1)
15.30-17.00 (Stijlkamer Janskerkhof (0.06), JKH 13)

april 2018

17 april
A thematic session on ‘moral education’
15.30-17.00 (Ravesteyn zaal, Kromme Nieuwegracht 80)

24 april
Matthias Kramm: wat
15.30-17.00 (Stijlkamer Janskerkhof (0.06), JKH 13)

mei 2018

8 mei
Book-workshop part (1): Marcus Duwell on Human Dignity
(Stijlkamer Janskerkhof (0.06), JKH 13)

22 mei
Book-workshop part (2): Marcus Duwell on Human Dignity
(Stijlkamer Janskerkhof (0.06), JKH 13)

juni 2018

5 juni
Methods in Philosophy part (2)
15.30-17.00 (Stijlkamer Janskerkhof (0.06), JKH 13)

19 juni
wie: wat
15.30-17.00 (Stijlkamer Janskerkhof (0.06), JKH 13)