May 30, 2019

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De bijeenkomsten

september 2018

11 september
Dr. Maria Bermudez (University of California, Irvine): "Fetishizing Altruism: Power and Corruption in the International Aid System".
15.30-17.00 (Stijlkamer Janskerkhof (0.06), JKH 13)

»  BERMUDEZMARIADFetishizingAltruism.pdf (549K)

25 september
Annemarie Kalis: "There's so much we could do - Self-control and the shaping of action space" (VIDI).
(Stijlkamer Janskerkhof (0.06), JKH 13)

»  VidiKalis21sep.docx (173K)

oktober 2018

9 oktober
Tom Theuns (UCR Middelburg), Democratic Expressivism - Criminal Disenfranchisement or Compulsory Voting.
15.30-17.00 (Drift 6, 0.07)

»  TheunsDemocratic Expressivism- Criminal Disenfranchisement or Compulsory Voting.docx (56K)

23 oktober
Book: Marcus Düwell on Human Dignity.
15.30-17.00 (Stijlkamer Janskerkhof (0.06), JKH 13)

»  Duewell-Colloquium 231018.pdf (182K)

november 2018

13 november
Rutger Claassen and Sem de Maagt: "The ambiguity of agency: identified and resolved."
15.30-17.00 (Stijlkamer Janskerkhof (0.06), JKH 13)

»  ClaassenAgainstKantianMoralRelativism.docx (90K)

27 november
PY Neron and Sandrine Blanc: Ethics of corporations.
15.30-17.00 (Stijlkamer Janskerkhof (0.06), JKH 13)

Corporations, their particular form of governance and work relations have been the subject of much contemporary scrutiny. Many have note the deleterious impact of shareholder governance, hierarchies and managerial authority on employees' work and social lives. During this colloquium, we will explore and discuss the ambition and resources of two contemporary theories of justice, liberal egalitarian and relational egalitarian, for addressing the pressing issue raised by contemporary corporate governance and managerial practices. A brief summary of the main ideas of each approach will be given — building notably on arguments from the background readings — and further ideas presented regarding where discussions could usefully be heading to.
»  BlancandAl-Amoudi-2013-CorporateInstitutionsinaWeakenedWelfareState.pdf (190K)
»  Rethinkingtheveryideaofegalitarianmarketsandcorporationswhyrelationshipsmightmattermorethandistribution.pdf (206K)

december 2018

11 december
Dascha Düring: Cultural competence and the normative limits of familism
15.30-17.00 (Stijlkamer Janskerkhof (0.06), JKH 13)

»  During.pdf (249K)

januari 2019

8 januari
Teun Tieleman: Human Nature: Medical and Philosophical Perspectives in the Work of Galen of Pergamum
15.30-17.00 (Stijlkamer Janskerkhof (0.06), JKH 13)

22 januari
Joel Anderson: Digital ethics.
15.30-17.00 (Stijlkamer Janskerkhof (0.06), JKH 13)

februari 2019

5 februari
Colin Hickey, TBA.
15.30-17.00 (Stijlkamer Janskerkhof (0.06), JKH 13)

»  HickeyFindingItsPlace.pdf (201K)

19 februari
Ingrid Robeyns: How to do action-guiding political philosophy.
15.30-17.00 (Stijlkamer Janskerkhof (0.06), JKH 13)

»  IngridRobeyns2011_JSP_parental_Leave.pdf (162K)
»  IngridRobeynscolloquium handout.docx (26K)

maart 2019

5 maart
Mariëtte van den Hoven: Nudging for others' sake: an ethical analysis of the legitimacy of nudging health care workers to accept influenza immunisation.
15.30-17.00 (Stijlkamer Janskerkhof (0.06), JKH 13)

»  Hovenversie 3 jan 2019.docx (147K)

19 maart
Stuart White: The value of the commons.
15.30-17.00 (Stijlkamer Janskerkhof (0.06), JKH 13)

»  oligarchyandCAsnewdraft.docx (68K)

april 2019

2 april
Joshua Kassner (Baltimore): title TBA.
15.30-17.00 (Stijlkamer Janskerkhof (0.06), JKH 13)

»  Human Rights and the Moral Limits of State Sovereignty (49K)

23 april
Dorothea Gadeke: Who Should Fight Domination?
15.30-17.00 (Stijlkamer Janskerkhof (0.06), JKH 13)

This paper has three sections; I would like to focus more on the latter parts but since they all build on one another, it might be hard to understand the latter parts if the first part (section 2) is not read. But I presented a full paper on the argument in section 2 in the lunch lecture in September. So those who heard that and don't want to read it all could also start in section 3. The others can skip whatever they find the least interesting.
»  Gaedeke_WhoShouldFightDomination_April2019.pdf (255K)

mei 2019

7 mei
Dick Timmer en Huub Brouwer, "Earning Too Much: The Case for Maximum Incomes".
(Stijlkamer Janskerkhof (0.06), JKH 13)

»  TimmerBrouwerEarningTooMuch190507.pdf (190K)

21 mei
Christian Illies (Bamberg): Transcendental Aristotelianism.
(Stijlkamer Janskerkhof (0.06), JKH 13)

»  Illies2018_Article_TranscendentalAristotelianismC.pdf (709K)

juni 2019

4 juni
Yara Al Salman: Defending Common Property.
15.30-17.00 (Stijlkamer Janskerkhof (0.06), JKH 13)

My colloquium paper is a draft of the second chapter of my thesis. My thesis, as you may know, is about common property regimes. This particular chapter is about what property is and what an evaluative theory of property should look like.

All comments are more than welcome. What would be most helpful for me is a discussion of the second section, because it discusses (very briefly) the general approach I'll take for my entire thesis. This is also the part that continues to get amended as I do more research on philosophical property theories and on specific case studies. If I could get your input on that, it would really help me to focus my research questions, or change them, or add more questions to them. Thank you in advance!
»  Yara Al Salman Defending Common Property (170K)