In the 21/6 session, presentations by Julia and Vlasta on the category theoretic background of categorial grammar, and by Tuur and René on Moot's encoding of TAG in LG, and on LG and Hyperedge Replacement Grammar.

In the 24/5 session, we have presentations by Sanne and Michiel on the ACG encoding of TAG and LCFRS. See the references under Part 2.

For our 3/5 session, I start with a brief intro to non-projective dependency structures (block degree, well-nestedness). Then we have presentations on (1) Minimalist Grammars (Myrthe and Sjoerd), (2) Tree Adjoining Grammars (Cecilia) and (3) Multiple Context Free Grammars (Gijs and Michiel). For each of these formalisms, we'll see how they deal with characteristic patterns beyond context-free, and how to compute the dependency structures induced by their derivations.

The course will meet on Thursday afternoons, 13.15-17.00 in Kromme Nieuwegracht 80, room 2.31. First meeting: 26/4.

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