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Jan van Ophuijsen

Jan van Ophuijsen
Naam/Name: prof.dr. Jan van Ophuijsen
Adres/Address: Heidelberglaan 6-8, room 169
3584 CS Utrecht
The Netherlands
+31 (0)30 2532093
+31 (0)30 2532816
E-mail: Jan.vanOphuijsen@phil.uu.nl
Department group: History of Philosophy


Jan van Ophuijsen studied classics at Leiden University, where in 1987 he graduated on a Ph.D. dissertation on Hephaestion on metre: a translation and commentary (supervisor Prof.dr. C.J.M. Sicking). After holding posts at the Catholic University of America and the American University of Lebanon he is now assistant professor in ancient philosophy at Utrecht University. His research focuses on Early Platonism and the Aristotelian Commentary Tradition.

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