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Albert Visser

Albert Visser
Naam/Name: prof.dr. Albert Visser
Adres/Address: Janskerkhof 13a, 1.09
3512 BL Utrecht
The Netherlands
+31 (0)30 2532173
+31 (0)30 2532816
E-mail: Albert.Visser@phil.uu.nl
Homepage: http://www.phil.uu.nl/~albert/
Department group: Theoretical philosophy


Albert Visser studied applied mathematics at the University of Twente and mathematics at the University of Utrecht. In 1981 he took his Ph.D. on a thesis on Aspects of Diagonalization and Provability (supervisor Prof.dr. D. van Dalen). He was assistant professor at Stanford University and Utrecht University and is now Professor of Logic, the Philosophy of Mathematics and Epistemology at Utrecht University.

His research centers on ‘logic and arithmetic’, on dynamic semantics and on selected topics in the philosophy of language.

He is editor of the Journal of Philosophical Logic and a member of the editorial board of the Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic. He is a member of the ASL executive committee and the ASL committee on Prizes and Awards.

Albert Visser is director of the Educational Institute for Cognitive Artificial Intelligence.

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