Project Members

Irene M. Conradie
Completed project: Seneca on the Human Body: Selected Moral Letters in their Cultural and Literary Context (PhD dissertation, working title; supervisor dr. Teun L. Tieleman).
Nicole Frank
Completed project: ‘Wie ihr gelehrt worden seid’: Der Kolosserbrief als Interpretations-anweisung zum Verständnis zentraler paulinischer Texte: intertextuelle Strategien und ihre Funktion im Streit um die Auslegung des paulinischen Erbes (Ph. D. thesis, working title; supervisor prof. A. Merz).
Annette Merz
Larger current projects: Monograph: Intertextualities and the Invented Past in the Acts of Paul (2008). Monograph, together with Teun Tieleman and David Rensberger: Mara bar Sarapion: Letter to His Son (2013).
Anna Ntinti
Current project: Diogenes Laertius’ Book III: The Life of Plato (PhD dissertation; supervisor dr. Teun L. Tieleman).
Martin G. Ruf
Completed project: Second Peter as a metatextual document (Ph. D. thesis; supervisor prof. A. Merz).
Teun L. Tieleman
Larger current projects: Monograph: Chrysippus’ On Affections: The Fragments with a Translation and Commentary by — (2013); (in collaboration with Keimpe Algra, Jaap Mansfeld en Jan van Ophuijsen) edition of the fragments of Zeno of Citium (2014); (together with Annette Merz and David Rensberger): Mara bar Sarapion: Letter to His Son (2013). Studies in Galen of Pergamum (e.g. a monograph for Acumen’s Ancient Philosophies series; ancient science as well as philosophical pseudepigrapha (including the [Platonic] Letters), Seneca, Plutarch, Diogenes Laërtius and other philosophical literature of the Imperial era as embodying the cultural memory of Graeco-Roman world.

Affiliated Members

Dr. Inna Kupreeva, Department of Philosophy, the University of Edinburgh.

Prof. dr. Anthony A. Long, Department of Classics, the University of California, Berkeley.

Prof. dr. Hanna Roose, Institut für Theologie und Religionspedagogik, Universität Lüneburg.

Prof. dr. Gerd Theissen, Theologische Fakultät, Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg.

Prof. dr. David Trobisch, Bangor Theological Seminary, Bangor Maine.

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