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Keimpe Algra

Keimpe Algra
Naam/Name: prof.dr. Keimpe Algra
Adres/Address: Heidelberglaan 6-8, room 180
3584 CS Utrecht
The Netherlands
+31 (0)30 2535583
+31 (0)30 2532816
E-mail: Keimpe.Algra@phil.uu.nl
Department group: History of Philosophy


Keimpe Algra studied philosophy and classics at the University of Utrecht, where he obtained his Ph.D. in 1988 with a dissertation on Concepts of Space in Classical and Hellenistic Philosophy . He has published mainly on Hellenistic philosophy and ancient physics. He is the author of Concepts of Space in Greek Thought (Leiden 1995) and (co-)editor of several scholarly volumes, including the Cambridge History of Hellenistic Philosophy (1999). Since 1997 he has been the managing editor of Phronesis, a leading international journal on ancient philosophy. He was Dutch Royal Academy Professor (2000-2003) and was appointed as ordinarius in Ancient and Medieval Philosophy in 2001. He was invited to give the prestigious A.E. Taylor Lecture at the University of Edinburgh, February 2003.

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