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About the OzsL

The aim of the Onderzoeksschool Logika (Dutch Graduate School in Logic) is to guide the development of logic research in the Netherlands in the direction of the vision of logic as a core part of an emerging new science of information processing, and to make sure that the Netherlands will continue to play a prominent role in this development. The ambitions of the school translate into the following fourfold mission statement:

- to continue the traditionally prominent position of Dutch logic research in the foundations of mathematics,

- to further develop Dutch research activities in the fields of logic in computer science, logic and artificial intelligence, and logic, philosophy and linguistics (areas where Dutch logic has achieved considerable success in the past two decades),

- to encourage the development of new areas where logic, viewed as the science of the formal aspects of information processing, could play an important role,

- to disseminate the insights that logic can yield about various aspects of information processing outside academia (in particular, to pre-academic training in secondary schools, to higher vocational training in computer science, and to information processing in the software industry).

The OzsL is formally acknowledged by the Dutch Academy of Science (KNAW), and as such funded by the Dutch Research Council (NWO).


Scientific Director prof. dr. A. Visser (albert.visser@phil.uu.nl)
Coordinator drs. J.M.I.M. Leo (joop.leo@phil.uu.nl)
Board Members prof. dr. H.C. Bunt (harry.bunt@kub.nl)
prof. dr. D.J.N. van Eijck (jan.van.eijck@cwi.nl)
prof. dr. M.J. Moortgat (michael.moorgat@let.uu.nl)
prof. dr. G.R. Renardel de Lavalette (grl@cs.rug.nl)
prof. dr. M.J.B. Stokhof (chair) (stokhof@hum.uva.nl)
prof. dr. J. Treur (treur@cs.vu.nl)


Heidelberglaan 8
3584 CS Utrecht
Tel. +31 30 2532173
Fax. +31 30 2536313
Email: ozsl@phil.uu.nl

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