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On April 20 2007 the L.E.J. Brouwer Colloquium takes place.

On Monday August 28th 2006, our esteemed former colleague Professor Martin Löb, holder of the chair of Mathematical Logic from 1971 to 1985 at the University of Amsterdam, passed away in Annen (Drente).

On May 26 the Gödel Centenary Celebration takes place.

For more info about this symposium, see www.ozsl.uu.nl/goedel.

Due to technical difficulties,this site has been offline for a while.
In the coming months the information contained on this site will be updated.
At that time you will be able to find current information on developments in logic research, seminars, symposia etc.
Ideas and suggestions for items on this site are welcome.
You can send these to: Frank.deHaas@phil.uu.nl
You can reach me by phone on: +31 (0)30 - 253 5572.
Kind regards,

Frank de Haas
Coördinator OzsL

Dear OzsL members,

The past ten years have been extremely successful years for Dutch logic research. Dutch groups play a leading role in fields as different as logical semantics, modal and dynamic logic, algorithmics, complexity theory, proof theory and (more recently) computational logic and quantum computing.
Where there is overlap between the different groups, the cooperation has been excellent; both among logicians themselves and between logicians and researchers of related fields like computer science, linguistics and mathematics.

What do we want with the school? We have the following goals:
* to improve the coherence of the Dutch logic community by providing a central national forum for Dutch logic researchers
* to provide a curriculum for graduate students which focuses both on topics specific to one of the research sections and on topics which are more foundational of nature
* to optimise the interaction between local and national graduate training
* to enhance the communication with the international logic community, both with respect to research and to graduate training

In order to do justice to the variety of subjects studied within the OzsL, the school is divided into four sections: Logic and Mathematics, Logic and Language, Logic and Information, and Logic and Artificial Intelligence. Each of these sections comes with its own research programme.
At the same time, however, the sections share a dependence on and interest in new results in the study of fundamental logic.

albert It is my conviction that, if we want logic to flourish, we should do two things at once. We must develop further the use of logic as a methodological paradigm in fields like linguistics, mathematics, philosophy and computer science. At the same time, we should stimulate the development of the field of logic itself. I believe that the school will continue to be an invaluable instrument to help us to fulfill these two important tasks.

Albert Visser
Scientific Director OzsL

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