The Language of the Drum
An evening with the family of maestro Doudou Ndiaye Rose 
see video and press items (below)
Tuesday, 6 May 2014, 19:30
Academiegebouw Utrecht, Senaatszaal

In the last six years Doudou Ndiaye Rose and his family have collaborated with a research team at the Utrecht Institute of Linguistics, studying the drum language of Senegal.
In this special evening, members of Ndiaye Rose's family demonstrated their art, and Dr. Yoad Winter introduced some major findings of the Dakar-Utrecht drum language project, an article on which will soon appear in the scientific journal Language

             NRC 10.5.2014                   Volkskrant 6.5.2014               NCRV Cappuccino2 10.5.2014

  NRC 10.5.2014            Volkskrant 6.5.2014          

Organizers: Martin Everaert, Nina Wiedenhoff, Yoad Winter, Robert Grimm, Fafa Same

Acknowledgements: Work on the Dakar-Utrecht drum language project was partly supported by Neuroscience & Cognition Utrecht, and by the Utrecht Institute of Linguistics OTS

Doudou Ndiaye Rose


19:30 welcome
19:35 dr. Yoad Winter – Sabar: the Drum Language of Senegal
20:15 video footage of Doudou Ndiaye Rose
20:25 musical demonstrations & conversation with players
21:00 Q&A
21:15 reception
Moderator: prof. dr. Martha Frederiks, director Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, Utrecht University