We will start on Monday morning and finish Thursday Afternoon. 
Welcome cocktail on Monday evening at 19:00 in the Hotel Barceló Raval (Rambla del Raval 17), 
Social dinner on Wednesday evening 20:45 at Taverna La Llesca, carrer Terol 6, Barcelona.
Here is a link to a the schedule. By clicking on the titles of the presentations you can download the slides of the presentations or some other relevant document. In the same fashion you can download the problem-set.
2 Tutorials
Plenary talks
Discussion session
Lots of informal meetings

Here goes a preliminary excerpt of titles of presentations:

Joan Bagaria
Large cardinals and topological completeness of polymodal provability logics

Lev Beklemishev
Provability algebras: recent developments

Michael Rathjen
Slow Consistency

Tim Carlson
Beta-logic and Patterns of Resemblance: Recent Progress.

Evgeniy Dashkov 
Provability algebras for theories of Tarskian truthpredicates

David Gabelaia 
The topological completeness of the polymodal provability logic GLP,+6,+Barcelona,+Espanya&hl=en&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=68.054114,135.263672&oq=Carrer+Terol+6,+Barcelona&hnear=Carrer+de+Terol,+6,+08012+Barcelona,+Catalunya,+Spain&t=m&z=17,+6,+Barcelona,+Espanya&hl=en&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=68.054114,135.263672&oq=Carrer+Terol+6,+Barcelona&hnear=Carrer+de+Terol,+6,+08012+Barcelona,+Catalunya,+Spain&t=m&z=17