Nick Bezhanishvili 

Postal address
Institute for Logic, Language and Computation
University of Amsterdam
P.O. Box 94242
1090 GE Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Email: N.Bezhanishvili AT delete this part
Office: F.247





Bi-weekly Algebra and Coalgebra Seminar at the ILLC, University of Amsterdam.

Monthly Seminar on Provability, Interpretability, Intuitionism and Arithmetic, PIIA a joint event of Amsterdam and Utrecht Universities.

BLAST 2015. Las Cruces, NM, USA, 5 -- 9 January 2015.

Algebra and Coalgebra meet Proof Theory, ALCOP 2015. Delft, 2015.

The Eleventh Tbilisi Symposium on Language, Logic and Computation. Tbilisi, Georgia, September, 2015.

Topology, Algebra, and Categories in Logic 2015. Ischia, Italy, 22 - 27 June, 2015.

Current PhD Students

Frederik Moellerstroem Lauridsen

Julia Ilin

Aybuke Ozgun (co-supervised with Hans van Ditmarsch)

Former PhD Students

Sumit Sourabh (co-supervised with Alessandra Palmigiano and Yde Venema). Thesis entitled: Correspondence and Canonicity in Non-Classical Logic. (Defense date: 9 Sept, 2015).