Welcome to the homepage of the Logic Group Preprint Series. In this series preprints and technical reports of the staff of the logic group of the Department of Philosophy of Utrecht University are published. This site serves as a catalog to all preprints published in the series, and provides access to electronic versions of most of the more recent preprints.

Submitting articles

Staff members of the logic group can publish their preprints in the Logic Group Preprint Series. Send an e-mail to the editor, dr. Rosalie Iemhoff, with your article as an attachment, preferably in either pdf or postscript format.

Recent Publications


«Questions and dependency in intuitionistic logic»

igitur archive I. Ciardelli R. Iemhoff F. Yang April 5, 2017

«Uniform interpolation and the existence of sequent calculi»

igitur archive R. Iemhoff February 20, 2017

«Intuitionistic modal logics and Dyckhoff's calculus»

igitur archive R. Iemhoff February 20, 2017

«Structural completeness in propositional logics of dependence»

igitur archive R. Iemhoff F. Yang September 10, 2015

«On the existence of alternative Skolemization methods»

igitur archive R. Iemhoff August 30, 2016