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Logic Group PreReleases

The most recent articles:
Number Article
1 Adbmal-Calculus
Dimitri Hendriks, Vincent van Oostrom
May 2003
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Welcome to the home page of the Logic Group Prerelease Series (LGPR). In this series, software packages, of various kinds, of the Logic Group are prereleased. There is currently only one entry.


December 22, 2004
Since the website of the LGPR was moved to another web server, the site was unreachable for about two weeks. As the new server does not support PHP, the new site is a bit more sober than the old one, and lacks search functionality. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

Submitting software

Members of the logic group may submit their software to the LGPR. If you want to submit your software, send an e-mail containing a description of the software package to the editor of the series, Vincent van Oostrom (Vincent.vanOostrom at phil.uu.nl). If the package is accepted, you will receive instructions on how to send us the package itself (the method of transfer will depend on the size and type of your submission.)

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